hostRecvRaReachableTime - Verifying that NUT recognize ReachableTime


Host only


  hostRecvRaReachableTime.seq [-tooloption ...] -p hostRecvRaReachableTime.def


  1. Set ReachableTtime by router X.
  2. Create the state of neighbor cache entry for TN.
  3. Set its state to REACHABLE whose IsRouter flag is FALSE.
  TN                 NUT
  State: NONCE (for all)

==== unsolicited RA ===> src=X's link-local dst=all-node M=0, O=0 RouterLifetime=600 ReachableTime=a test condition RetransTimer=0 w/ SLLA
State: NONE (for TN), STALE(for X)
==== echo-request ===> src=TN's link-local dst=NUT's link-local
<=== multicast NS ==== src=NUT's link-local dst=solicited-node[TN's link-local] w/ SLLA timeout=RETRANS_TIMER * MAX_MULTICAST_SOLICIT
==== solicited NA ===> src=TN's link-local dst=NUT's link-local R=0, S=1, O=1 target=TN's link-local w/ TLLA
State: REACHABLE (for TN), STALE (for X)


hostRecvRaReachableTime verifies that NUT recognize ReachableTime.

  TN               NUT
  State: REACHABLE (for TN)

Wait for some seconds
Judgment: Examining NUT's neighbor cache state


6.3.4. Processing Received Router Advertisements
If the received Reachable Time value is non-zero the host SHOULD set its BaseReachableTime variable to the received value. If the new value differs from the previous value, the host SHOULD recompute a new random ReachableTime value. ReachableTime is computed as a uniformly-distributed random value between MIN_RANDOM_FACTOR and MAX_RANDOM_FACTOR times the BaseReachableTime. Using a random component eliminates the possibility Neighbor Unreachability Detection messages synchronize with each other.
==============+===================+================== RA received | Wait Time by NUT | --------------+-------------------+------------------ ReachableTime | t < | t > | ReachableTime * | ReachableTime * | MIN_RANDOM_FACTOR | MAX_RANDOM_FACTOR ==============+===================+================== 60 | t < 30, REACHABLE | t > 90, STALE --------------+-------------------+------------------ 30 | t < 15, REACHABLE | t > 45, STALE --------------+-------------------+------------------ 90 | t < 45, REACHABLE | t > 135, STALE ==============+===================+==================


  1. Send RA with ReachableTime=30sec to set TN's reachable time
     to the default value.

  2. Send RA with RouterLifetime=0 to clear the Default Router List.


  The test does not invoke any remote command.


  perldoc V6evalTool
  perldoc V6evalRemote