ncStateByNs4Incomplete - Verifying State Machine: NS vs. INCOMPLETE


Host and Router


  ncStateByNs4Incomplete.seq [-tooloption ...] -p ncStateByNs4Incomplete.def


Set the state of neighbor cache entry to INCOMPLETE.

  TN               NUT

  State: NONCE (for TN)

  ==== echo-request ===>
        src=TN's link-local
        dst=NUT's link-local

  State: INCOMPLETE (for TN)


ncStateByNs4Incomplete verifies that state transition for a NUT in INCOMPLETE state when receiving a NS.

  TN               NUT

State: INCOMPLETE (for TN)
==== NS ===> src=TN's link-local dst=NUT's link-local/solicited-node[NUT's link-local] w/o or w/ SLLA
Judgment: Examining NUT's neighbor cache state


7.2.3. Receipt of Neighbor Solicitations
A valid Neighbor Solicitation that does not meet any the following requirements MUST be silently discarded:
- The Target Address is a "valid" unicast or anycast address assigned to the receiving interface [ADDRCONF],
- The Target Address is a unicast address for which the node is offering proxy service, or
- The Target Address is a "tentative" address on which Duplicate Address Detection is being performed [ADDRCONF].
If the Target Address is tentative, the Neighbor Solicitation should be processed as described in [ADDRCONF]. Otherwise, the following description applies. If the Source Address is not the unspecified address and, on link layers that have addresses, the solicitation includes a Source Link-Layer Address option, then the recipient SHOULD create or update the Neighbor Cache entry for the IP Source Address of the solicitation. If an entry does not already exist, the node SHOULD create a new one and set its reachability state to STALE as specified in Section 7.3.3. If an entry already exists, and the cached link-layer address differs from the one in the received Source Link-Layer option, the cached address should be replaced by the received address and the entry's reachability state MUST be set to STALE.
===============================+==========+=========+================= NS |New State |LLA Comments ---------+-----------+---------+ | Source IP|Destination|SLLA | | |IP | | | =========+===========+=========+==========+=========+================= TN's Unicast none NONCE or unchanged Not mentioned link INCOMPLETE by RFC2461 ---------+-----------+---------+----------+---------+----------------- TN's Unicast exist STALE updated link ---------+-----------+---------+----------+---------+----------------- TN's Multicast exist STALE updated link =========+===========+=========+==========+=========+=================




  The test does not invoke any remote command.


  perldoc V6evalTool
  perldoc V6evalRemote