ncStateByRa4Nonce - Verifying State Machine: RA vs. NONCE


Host only


  ncStateByRa4Nonce.seq [-tooloption ...] -p ncStateByRa4Nonce.def


  Clear NC state for TN.


ncStateByRa4Nonce verifies that state transition for a NUT in NONCE state when receiving a RA.

  TN               NUT

State: NONCE (for TN)
==== RA ===> src=TN's link dst=all-node RouterLifetime=600 ReachableTime=0 RetransTimer=0 M=0, O=0 w/o or w/ TLLA
Judgment: Examining NUT's neighbor cache state


6.3.4. Processing Received Router Advertisements
After extracting information from the fixed part of the Router Advertisement message, the advertisement is scanned for valid options. If the advertisement contains a Source Link-Layer Address option the link-layer address SHOULD be recorded in the Neighbor Cache entry for the router (creating an entry if necessary) and the IsRouter flag in the Neighbor Cache entry MUST be set to TRUE. If no Source Link-Layer Address is included, but a corresponding Neighbor Cache entry exists, its IsRouter flag MUST be set to TRUE. The IsRouter flag is used by Neighbor Unreachability Detection to determine when a router changes to being a host (i.e., no longer capable of forwarding packets). If a Neighbor Cache entry is created for the router its reachability state MUST be set to STALE as specified in Section 7.3.3. If a cache entry already exists and is updated with a different link-layer address the reachability state MUST also be set to STALE.
====================+===============================================+=============== RA | Neighbor Cache | Comment ------------+-------+---------+-------------------------+-----------+ Destination | TLLA | Current | New | LLA | ============+=======+=========+=========================+===========+=============== all-node | none | NONCE | unchanged or INCOMPLETE | unchanged | Not mentioned | | | | | in RFC2461 ------------+-------+---------+-------------------------+-----------+--------------- all-node | exist | NONCE | STALE | updated | ============+=======+=========+=========================+===========+===============




  The test does not invoke any remote command.


  perldoc V6evalTool
  perldoc V6evalRemote