ncStateByRedirect4Incomplete - Verifying State Machine: Redirect vs. INCOMPLETE


Host only


  ncStateByRedirect4Incomplete.seq [-tooloption ...] -p ncStateByRedirect4Incomplete.def


  1. Set R1 as the default router by sending RA and NA.
  2. Set TN's Neighbor Cache State to INCOMPLETE.

  TN                 NUT

State: NONCE (for R1, TN)
==== unsolicited RA ===> src=R1's link-local dst=all-node M=0, O=0 RouterLifetime=600 ReachableTime=0 RetransTimer=0 w/ SLLA Prefix Option: L=1, A=1 ValidLifetime=2592000 PreferredLifetime=604800 Prefix=3ffe:501:ffff:100::/64
State: STALE (for R1), NONCE (for TN)
==== solicited NA ===> src=R1's link-local dst=NUT's link-local R=1, S=1, O=1 target=R1's link-local TLLA=R1's LLA
State: REACHABLE (for R1), NONCE (for TN)
Wait (3 sec) for DAD NS
==== echo-request ===> src=TN's link-local dst=NUT's link-local
State: REACHABLE (for R1), INCOMPLETE (for TN)


ncStateByRedirect4Incomplete verifies that state transition for a NUT in INCOMPLETE state when receiving a Redirect.

  TN               NUT

State: REACHABLE (for R1), INCOMPLETE (for TN)
==== Redirect ===> src=R1's link-local dst=NUT's link-local icmp target=TN's link-local icmp dst=H1's global w/ or w/o TLL option w/ or w/o Redirected header option
Judgment: Examining NUT's neighbor cache state


8.3. Host Specification
If the redirect contains a Target Link-Layer Address option the host either creates or updates the Neighbor Cache entry for the target. In both cases the cached link-layer address is copied from the Target Link-Layer Address option. If a Neighbor Cache entry is created for the target its reachability state MUST be set to STALE as specified in Section 7.3.3. If a cache entry already existed and it is updated with a different link-layer address, its reachability state MUST also be set to STALE. If the link-layer address is the same as that already in the cache, the cache entry's state remains unchanged.
=====================+=====================+===========+=============================== IP |ICMP |Option |NC state ----------+----------+----------+----------+-----+-----+----------+----------+--------- Src |Dst |Target |Dst |TLLA |R'ed |Current |New |LLA ==========+==========+==========+==========+=====+=====+==========+==========+========= R1's |NUT's |TN's |H1's |none |none |INCOMPLETE|INCOMPLETE|unchanged link-local|link-local|link-local|global | | | | | ----------+----------+----------+----------+-----+-----+----------+----------+--------- R1's |NUT's |TN's |H1's |exist|none |INCOMPLETE|STALE |updated link-local|link-local|link-local|global | | | | | ----------+----------+----------+----------+-----+-----+----------+----------+--------- R1's |NUT's |TN's |H1's |exist|exist|INCOMPLETE|STALE |updated link-local|link-local|link-local|global | | | | | ----------+----------+----------+----------+-----+-----+----------+----------+--------- R1's |NUT's |TN's |H1's |exist|exist|INCOMPLETE|STALE |updated link-local|link-local|link-local|global | |>1280| | | ==========+===========+=========+==========+=====+=====+==========+==========+=========


  TN               NUT

State: any (for TN)
==== Redirect ===> src=TN's link-local dst=NUT's link-local icmp target=R1's link-local icmp dst=H1's global w/o TLL option w/o Redirected header option
==== RA (at the end of the test) ===> src=R1's link-local dst=allnode RouterLifetime=0


  The test does not invoke any remote command.


  perldoc V6evalTool
  perldoc V6evalRemote