The USAGI Project is pleased to announce the release of umip-0.3 which is a patch set for MIPL2 software suite and the latest Linux kernel (2.6.21-rc5). umip-0.3 can be downloaded from the following location:

The Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) Go-Core Project and the USAGI Project have been developing MIPL2 cooperatively which is a Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) stack on Linux-2.6. Since 2006, the USAGI Project has been focusing on merging MIPv6 kernel patches into the mainline kernel source tree and most of the patches have already been integrated into the source tree. However, there has been no publicly available userland of MIPL2 which runs on the latest kernel.

umip-0.3 contains patches for both userland daemon (mip6d) and kernel. The userland patches are against the MIPL-2.0.2 source codes and they are required mainly because there were some design changes of the MIPv6 kernel patches during the merging process. The userland patches will be sent to the HUT Go-Core Project members. The kernel patches are against Linux kernel 2.6.21-rc5 and those are required to make MIPv6-specific routing and XFRM policy management work properly. Some of the kernel patches are intended for the mainline kernel, which will be sent to the Linux network community ML. The other kernel patches are experimental and they are not intended for the mainline kernel.

With the mip6d and kernel of umip-0.3, one can leverage MIPv6 protocol (MN/HA/CN) with or without IPsec configuration. Although the main features of MIPv6 have been confirmed to work as expected with umip-0.3, there are some known issues and those can be found at <>. Also note that the handy base code of the kernel and userland are no longer available at the MIPL site, so we prepared the tarballs.

About USAGI Project

The USAGI Project is managed by volunteers and aims to provide better IPv6 environment on Linux freely. We are tightly collaborating with WIDE Project, KAME Project and TAHI Project, and trying to improve Linux kernel, IPv6 related libraries and IPv6 applications. Our snapshots are released every two weeks and stable release is released several times a year. Please check our web site for the latest information.

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